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The Superpower All Humans Have!

The best part about being human is the ability to regulate. We can control our thoughts, actions, feelings, behaviors, and pretty much anything. As you master regulation, you increase your ability to shape and reshape your life. Well, our body does it naturally, but it requires a bit of practice for us. In this ability lies a massive opportunity. The opportunity to imagine, create, recreate, maintain and destroy through actions, thoughts, and words. Thus, the ability to regulate your life is the superpower all humans have, and those who learn to master it guarantee success, happiness, and fulfillment. The better you get, the higher your rewards are. So, how do you master this superpower?

Every decision we make has three components: situation, information, and emotion. If you are a master regulator, you can control the amount of information you need to focus on, the correct emotion to channel, and thus provide the appropriate response to a situation and, in return, make high-quality decisions with the most significant impact. Following this approach takes practice, deliberation, and the ability to act-reflect quickly. Our forefathers often said that one should do everything in moderation. They were probably trying to teach us that anything in the extreme lacks regulation, and by doing so, you increase your odds of unfavorable outcomes.

Moderation, on the other hand, is a tool used to practice regulation. There are many tools to channel your inner regulator. Being able to control your thoughts, words, and actions to the point where they are concise, precise, and meaningful is the epitome of human perfection. We all have something to gain from attempting to learn and practice regulation. It is easy because we are all born with the ability to do it, but it is also challenging because we have to keep doing it!

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